(Not) Boring Finds for May 2017

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This month we came across a thoughtful analysis of the MSCI indices and possible parallels between Japan’s (historical) and America’s (current) dominating market weights; got a fresh take on financial literacy from a San Quentin inmate; discovered a holistic approach to saving money; affirmed that predicting the future is futile; and learned from the top dog himself how Amazon keeps the vitality of Day 1 to avoid the stasis and irrelevance of Day 2.

The Economist (Buttonwood) — America’s disproportionate weight in global stock market indices

Why a closer look at America’s stock market weight on the MSCI index may be important—particularly for those looking at an index fund as a potentially “lower-risk option.”

TED — Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll: How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison

A unique and poignant perspective on overcoming financial illiteracy.

Collaborativefund.com — Let me convince you to save money

This article offers practical reasons for why you should save, regardless of your income level or investment returns.

World Economic Forum — We’re moving fast. But nobody knows where we’re going

Rapid technological shifts have muddied the predicting and planning waters in business, so, “the sooner we realize that long-term forecasting is becoming obsolete, the better we’ll be able to cope with the new reality.”

Recode — This is the Jeff Bezos playbook for preventing Amazon’s demise

Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders serves as a fascinating window into his management philosophy.

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    Benyamin Ahmed
    05.04.2017 at 7:25 am

    This month’s (Not) Boring Finds aren’t as interesting as other months’. I really enjoy reading selections that aren’t directly tied to economics or finance. They add some variety.

    • mm
      05.04.2017 at 10:00 am

      Hi Benyamin, thanks for the feedback! We try to keep our content varied and will certainly take your comment into consideration. Stay tuned!

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